Yes, I’m a vegetarian. No, I don’t mind if you’re not


OK, before all the non-vegetarians decide to skip reading this let me throw a disclaimer: The following content is purely based on my experiences dealing with a certain kind of non veg lovers. I like to call them ‘anti-vegetarians’. These are the people who are just unable to grasp the idea of being a vegetarian and say stuff like:

“I don’t understand how you survive without chicken.”
“I feel so sad for you. You are missing out on so many delicious dishes!”
“Veg food everyday? Ugh! Don’t you ever feel tempted to try something new for a change?”
Trust me, it is extremely irritating to listen to these all the time. Even though sometimes it is said in good humour and I smile politely, here is what goes on in my mind.
How do I survive without chicken? Well, last I heard you need oxygen to breathe, not chicken. I survive the same way millions of vegetarians have survived all through the years. It’s not that big a deal. You can try it too.
And you feel sad for me because “I’m missing out on several tasty birds and animals?” Don’t bother. I don’t need your sympathy. Honestly, I’m not missing anything. I’ve never had non veg in my life. So there’s no question of missing it. As for the deliciousness, you are aware that there are a variety of veg dishes that are absolutely delicious, aren’t you? The taste is because of the masala added, not the chicken. You wanna take up a challenge? I can eat raw veggies without adding any extra spices and taste-makers. Let’s see you do the same with chicken!
And don’t I feel tempted? Of course I do. I’m always ready to try new dishes with a different taste. It just does not involve something that was alive once upon a time.
Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against non veg lovers. In fact, I’m sure even you have to deal with a bunch of ‘anti- non vegetarians’. You’re probably given advice on eating healthy, being eco-friendly, animal torture and what not. Feel free to retort back. I know it is equally irritating to listen to a lecture when you’re trying to enjoy a meal.

Basically what I’m trying to say is each person has his or her own choices when it comes to food habits. Respect it and let them live by it. Yes, suggesting a healthy diet (to non vegetarians) or asking a friend if he wants to try chicken (once, just once) is acceptable. But mocking them if they choose to ignore your advice, now that is just not cool. So the bottom line is: Let’s have a deal. You eat what’s on your plate and I eat what’s on mine.


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