Monsoon magic at Tamhini Ghat

July 23rd 2016

Nature, waterfalls, monsoon… if any one of these three is on your Things-I-love list, Tamhini Ghat is a must visit for you! Located at 93kms. from Pune, this place takes your breath away and makes your heart yearn for more.

On a weekend just like any other, we booked a seven-seater and started at around 8 A.M from Pune. We drove via Paud and did not face much problems as our driver was quite familiar with the route. He knew what places would be best to enjoy the scenic beauty and gave us sufficient time to take pictures. Now to be frank I don’t remember the names of all the places we stopped at. In fact I don’t think they even had names. We just stopped where there were less people and we could get a good view of the lush green carpet that covered the hills.



There was this one place from where we could see the Mulshi dam, and since ours was a one day trip and our main intention was to cover Tamhini Ghat, we did not go down to the Mulshi lake. We got some great pictures from that point though. Soon after that we took the road to Tamhini Ghat and this is where it got interesting.



Since it was monsoon, throughout the stretch we came across several small waterfalls. At every turn there was a waterfall bigger than the previous. We finally chose a place where there were absolutely no people and spent some time enjoying the water gushing from between the rocks! After that we drove further and reached the actual tourist spot where there was quite a crowd. We were surrounded by green hills that touched the sky, partly covered by mist and the sun and rain played its part very well to give an enchanting look to the whole view. And the waterfalls trickling down the hills made it look like thin beads of pearls were ornamenting it. The pictures speak for themselves, don’t you think?



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After filling our bellies with some hot roasted corn and tea, we continued our journey towards the waterfalls that’s the biggest in that stretch. The climb to the base of the waterfall is simply awesome! It does get a bit intimidating since one has to take extreme care while stepping on the slippery rocks, but it’s totally worth the pain. Rain plus waterfall, could we ask for a better way to enjoy the moment? We clicked a few pictures and kept our phones inside since we did not want to risk it getting wet. But it was the time we spent there that’s etched in our memories and what a wonderful experience it was!





It was close to 3.30 P.M when we finally decided to leave the place, trust me given a choice I think we would have just stayed there for the rest of the day. Hungry and wet, the drive back was a little uncomfortable as it took us a while to find a place with food and changing rooms. But the entire day had been a refreshing break from our routine.

We reached Pune by 7 P.M and although tired, we had an extremely satisfying trip. With monsoon just a few months away, you can easily plan a weekend getaway and soak in the beauty of nature when it is at its best!




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