Coffee?? Yes please!

“So? What do you say? You think you can get along with her?”

Josh gave his Dad an exasperated look. “Really Dad?? Of all the things in the world you think she is the solution to my problem?”

Ouch! That hurt. Here I am waiting to make you the happiest guy, and you don’t even want me? What did I do wrong? I know things have been slightly rocky lately.  That’s what I heard your dad say when he came to pick me up. Losing a parent must be hard. Believe me, I know. But I’m ready to help you get through this or any other situation throughout your life.

“I don’t want her! Just get her out of my sight!”.

Mr. Deven gave me a sad look. He patted me on my head and took me out of Josh’s room. “Don’t worry” he said, “he’ll come around. Time is all he needs to understand that you’re the best companion for him right now. Come on, you must be hungry. Let’s eat, shall we?”

I couldn’t really sleep that night. I wanted to be with Josh. I knew I could make him happy. I walked up to his room and found him on his bed looking at a picture. He had tears in his eyes. That must be his mother.

“What are you doing here!? Get out!” he screamed. But I’m not budging. I have been here for two days now, Josh. I’m here for you and I’m not leaving you. I just sat down at the foot of his bed. He looked at me disgusted.

“If  it wasn’t for one of your kind my mother would still be alive. She died trying to save one of you. And Dad thinks you can cheer me up?? How stupid of him!”. No Josh, that’s not stupid. I’m sorry about what happened to your mother, but you know what? She loved us, and that’s why she didn’t want to hurt us. Your Dad thinks you can find it in your heart to love us just like your mother did.

He looked at me again, eyes full of tears. I stood up and walked up to him, our eyes met.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not touching you.” Please Josh, let me help you. I can see it in your eyes, you need a hug. I’m here for you Josh. Deep breaths, that’s it. Drink some water, yes that’s good.

He slowly reached out and patted me on my head. “Mom loved you guys. She always wanted to have one of you but I took up most of her time. And now she’s gone.”

Silence. This is what he needs, he needs to be heard.

“You don’t seem so bad, I mean, I’m not a dog person but if Mom loved you all so much there must be something.” He looked at me again, this time with a small smile on his face. I closed my eyes and let him pet my face for a while.

“Come on, you can sleep on my bed tonight.”

Yay!! I jumped up and licked his face and my tail just wouldn’t stop wagging. This is what I wanted. As I lay there next to Josh on his blanket I knew we would get along great. He kept patting my head and we both tried to drift off to sleep.

“You’re gonna need a name, what do I call you?” Uh oh, Josh I love you and everything but please don’t give me a silly name.

“Patty?? No? OK, how about Brownie, just like your color. No? Not that either?”

You want to name me by my color, how about…

“Coffee?? Yeah, I like that. Coffee it is!”

Huh, Coffee. I like the sound of that. Good night Josh, your morning Coffee is going to change your life starting tomorrow.


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