Weekend getaway : Madhe Ghat

30th July 2017

Let’s admit it, we all deserve a break from our hectic work life every once in a while. And what better way to spend the weekend with your teammates than enjoying in the nature’s lap. Yes, monsoon is a magical time for people staying in Pune as the weekend getaway options are numerous. One such place is Madhe Ghat, which is a two and a half hour drive from Pune. It was a team outing and we were a group of 30 people, so a lot of things had to be arranged. I’ll say our team of organizers did a pretty good job, be it the transport, food, pick up locations and the route to be taken, everything was well organized.

We had an early start at around 7 A.M. and after our last pick up at Warje bridge, we continued towards Velhe village via Narsapur. The early morning village life was clearly seen from the cattle grazing and farmers working in their fields. We stopped at a small hotel towards the end of this village for breakfast, and after relaxing for about an hour, we were on our way again by 11.30 A.M. Madhe ghat is in the vicinity of Torna fort, and as one drives up this road one can see the Kanandi river and the Gunjawani dam. The views are extremely picturesque and there are a couple of waterfalls by the side of the road. We were surrounded by fog-kissed green carpeted mountains, and there’s something very soothing about it.

IMG_20170730_181519950    IMG_20170730_100701920

Drive through Velhe village


Kanandi river

We reached a place where there were a lot of vehicles parked and from there we had to walk for about a kilometer to reach the waterfalls. The entire stretch is surrounded by greenery. It is a raw and muddy road, but people with bikes can ride up to the point where the waterfall originates. It was our lucky day as the sun was out for the most part, and even though it did rain once in a while, it was not as much as it was in Andharban. The crowd here was less as compared to Tamhini  and Sinhagad and I must say that the entire area was neat and clean. This is a great spot for photographers as the view of the waterfall is simply awesome. But to make the most of it one has to trek down to the base of the waterfalls.





Yes, the rocks are slippery and if you’re not careful there are chances of losing balance, but the risk is totally worth it. Once we reached the base of the waterfalls, we saw it in its entirety and my god, it was breathtaking! The river which flows from the top falls on to the rocks below and sort of splits into two separate waterfalls. Once the water finds its way between the rocks it again merges and then continues to flow further. It is here that people have the best time getting drenched. Me? I stayed slightly away from the crowd and found a rock which was right in the middle of the water (that is where the waterfalls merged) and settled down there! The water was falling with such force that splashes of it was just enough to give my legs a shower. I guess one could walk further down to see the next drop of the waterfall, but I did not find a surefooted path, so gave up on that idea.



IMG_20170730_143616351          IMG-20170730-WA0129


Instead, after a while we decided to go up to the top of the waterfall. Again one has to be careful on the slippery rocks but it is possible to climb and reach the waterfall bed. I call it that because that’s what it was! We had an amazing time and got some great clicks. No one had the heart to leave the place but it was not a choice. There was an increase in the force of water by 3.30 P.M. and we decided we had made the most of it. The hike back to the top was a lot quicker than the climb down, and we spent some time here playing in the water again. Hunger soon took over and we finally bid goodbye to this wonderful place.

IMG_20170730_150650200         IMG_20170730_151315665_HDR




We reached the bus, changed into dry clothes, and by the time we had our “lunch” it was 5 P.M. Food is scarce on Madhe ghat, there were a few stalls selling corn, vada pav and other snacks, but if you want to have a proper meal it is better to take it from home. Our drive back was quite smooth, with some traffic, and by the time we dropped everyone off at their locations it was close to 10 P.M.


A refreshing day out, this is one trip that you do not want to miss in the monsoon! Here are some bonus pictures.


IMG-20170730-WA0124          IMG_20170730_142926760_HDR



IMG-20170730-WA0148                IMG_20170730_143353698



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